Leaks are a common swimming pool issue in South Florida.
Most pool owners don’t know they have a leak.

RNR Pools Leak Detection System

At RNR Pools we employs the latest technology for finding and detecting pool leaks. We start by analyzing the pool level via a computerized water level measuring device. This device tells us in a few minutes how much your pool is leaking we isolate the actual pool shell from the plumbing system to determine which of those is the source of the leak. Common places for leaks in swimming pool shells include the skimmer, main drains, light niches and return fittings: Less common are leaks in pool floors and walls that are usually indicative of more severe problems such as settling or improper construction techniques.
Plumbing leaks are less common and harder to find since the pipes are underground.

RNR Pool Service will do pressure tests on the lines and utilize underground listening devices as well as other proprietary methods to find any leak anywhere.

If you have noticed that your pool is losing water and are concerned about a possible leak, please contact our Leak Detection specialist at RNR Pools today. We will schedule an appointment for one of our experts to come onsite to review your poo